Why Chemotherapy is Used for Colon Cancer Patients


What is the purpose of using chemotherapy in patients with colon cancer? It is possible for cancer cells to still be floating around in a patient’s bloodstream after colon cancer surgery. These cells can enter other parts of the body and cause stage four cancer. Dr. Madappa Kundranda says the main purpose of using chemotherapy […]

Marc Rowley on Being Treated for Colon Cancer

Marc Rowley Colon Cancer

Marc Rowley was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at age 32 after an endoscopy. He then had a colon resection and chemotherapy. “After the colon resection I was in the hospital about a week,” Marc says. As far as his chemotherapy treatment goes, he says, “The moment of walking into the room — that’s […]

How Many Doctors Do I Need for Colon Cancer?

Dr. Farshid Dayyani Colon Cancer Answers

Dr. Dayyani believes that the best outcomes for patients happen when a patient is being taken care of by a colon cancer team instead of a single doctor. He explains why that’s the case in this video. Using an expert team for colon cancer care reduces the amount of time spent moving information between different […]

Diagnosis Process for Colon Cancer

Dr. Farshid Dayyani Colon Cancer Answers

Getting diagnosed with prostate cancer can be an overwhelming experience, so we asked Dr. Dayyani to explain what the process is like from diagnosis to treatment, and the different doctors and specialists who would be involved with a patient’s case. The best treatment for colon cancer comes from a multidisciplinary team. “It is very important […]

Should I Choose a Clinical Trial?

Dr. Farshid Dayyani Colon Cancer Answers

Many patients are afraid that when a clinical trial is suggested to them at a treatment for colon cancer, it is automatically bad news. However, as Dr. Dayyani explains in this video, that is not always the case. “It is important for the patient to know that participating in a clinical trial not only will […]

Is It Worth Treating Colon Cancer?

Dr. Farshid Dayyani Colon Cancer Answers

Sometimes patients wonder if treatment for colon cancer is worth it, as the treatment can be uncomfortable, invasive, and expensive. However, as Dr. Dayyani describes in this video, treatment is highly worthwhile for colon cancer. Early stage colon cancer is highly treatable with modern techniques and the treatment is well received. “Patients in their 90s […]

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