Four Stages of Colon Cancer

Dr. Kim Colon Cancer Answers

As with many other cancers, colon cancer is divided into four different stages. Dr. George P. Kim explains what the tumor is doing in each of those stages in this video. George P. Kim, MD: The stages of colon cancer are very similar to all cancers in which there are typically four stages. The earliest […]

What Are The Stages of Colon Cancer, and How Can I Prevent It?

CDC Medical Director Colorectal Cancer Control Program

Staging of colon cancer is very similar to staging of breast cancer, Dr. Djenaba A. Joseph explains. Except colon cancer is entirely preventable. Learn how in this video. Djenaba A. Joseph, MD: Staging for colorectal cancer is actually very similar to staging for breast cancer, so you have stage 1, which is basically is combined […]

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