Talking With Kids About Prevention and Nutrition After a Parent’s Colon Cancer Diagnosis

Kim Rogers shares how she approached prevention and nutrition changes with her children after her husband’s colon cancer diagnosis in 2003.

colon cancerA colon cancer diagnosis can be a very frightening time for not only for the person involved but their entire family. Lives are changed totally in the matter of minutes. Not only does a person have to deal with the diagnosis and telling their children about it, they also have to think about more complex topics like nutrition and prevention.

Kim Rogers’s husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2003. She had two young children at the time and had to deal with telling them about the diagnosis and how their lives would change in the coming years as a result of it. For more, watch Kim in the video below:

Kim Rogers:  Hi, my name is Kim Rogers and this is how I discussed nutrition and education with my kids after my husband’s colon cancer diagnosis.

When my husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, I literally changed my home.  I talked to both my son and my daughter about the fact that when they were 25, they would have to be screened and that their diet was a big part of what their life would be and changing ideas of what was okay and what was not was a big deal and telling them, you know, pizza every night with your friends no, lots of vegetables or that kind of thing ya.  It was, at their ages, it was easy.  I can’t imagine trying to do it now but my both children are runners and they are nutritional freaks anyway but I think that I have part to do with that and this whole process.  So, I think that by telling them early and then be forthcoming with nutrition and teaching them how to cook and how to use the kitchen properly was a really important thing.

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