The Benefits of Taking the Oncotype DX Test

The benefits of taking the Oncotype DX test explained.

Dan Clementi had colon cancer surgery in 2010 and his doctor recommended the Oncotype DX test as part of his treatment. “The Oncotype DX test gave me a peace of mind,” he says. It’s been three years since Dan’s surgery and he is not showing any signs of recurrence. Below, he discusses the benefits of taking the Oncotype DX test.

Dan Clementi: The Oncotype DX test gave me a peace of mind. After speaking with Dr. Lavery and him recommending that I have that test and not moving forward with chemotherapy and no radiation, I knew that my likelihood of get back to work was a lot sooner.

My first doctor was my family doctor, I told him what my decision was and he was not 100% in agreement with me. He said he would not have recommended chemotherapy because of the lot of side effects that would have kept me out of work longer, it may make me sick, ill because of the chemotherapy.

So, I knew at that time the Oncotype DX test was the right course of action for me and both my colon doctor and my family doctor both recommended that just maintain yearly colonoscopies, yearly physicals, you know, blood work every three to six months and just watch. Just watch it and monitor what is going on and like I said, I have been fortunate. I’m up for my three-year mark here, August 19, and I am lucky.

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