Using the Recurrence Score to Determine Treatment Options

How do you use the recurrence score when choosing treatment options?

recurrence scorePatients want all the facts they can get before making decision about their colon cancer treatment options. A patient’s recurrence score is a vital piece of information for doctors. Oncotype DX is a diagnostic test for patients who have been recently diagnosed with stage II and stage III colon cancer. The test works by examining the tumor tissue at a molecular level, in order to provide information about the individual biology of each patient’s tumor. Dr. Mark Gimbel discusses how he use the recurrence score to help determine a patient’s treatment path in this short video.

To see how the Oncotype DX test affected one colon cancer patient’s treatment strategy watch “Survivor Describes His Stage II Colon Cancer Treatment” with Dave Maret.

Video Transcripts

Mark Gimbel, MD: I work side by side with my medical oncologist in terms of treating colon cancer patients. I find that the recurrence score is a very useful tool on how I am going to follow my patients moving forward. Patients who have a high recurrence score, I try to convince or decide with them about getting chemotherapy and seeing the medical oncologist.

Those who have a low recurrence score, I still want them to see the medical oncologist, but they may not get chemotherapy anyway. If that’s the case that I will see the patients back at regular intervals because they are not being followed by a medical oncologist and typically the gastroenterologist don’t follow them either. Therefore, it helps me identify which patients I am going to follow in a much more rigid fashion.

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