Will My Bowel Habits Change After Colon Cancer Surgery?

Dr. Kim gives an overview of bowel habit changes after colon cancer surgery

181306228 (1)Surgery is the most common mode of treatment for colon cancer. But, it can be a little intimidating, especially for people who have never undergone any kind of surgery.

One of the most common questions patients have is about their bowel habits after colon cancer surgery. Will they change? Will I ever be regular again? Will it hurt?

In this video, Dr. Eugene Kim gives an overview of bowel habit changes after colon cancer surgery.

Video Transcript

Eugene M. Kim MD:  What I tell most patients is depending on the type of surgery they have, the location, the amount of colon they have removed that will very similar, but in general for a standard colon resection, their bowel habits will probably be a little altered initially in the beginning meaning when they are recovering, they might have a little constipation or a little diarrhea.  Some of the extreme sometimes, but in general, they get back to their regular bowel habits relatively quickly with time as their diet improves, etc., so it’s usually not for a very long, if it is going to be changed.

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